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30 October
United Kingdom
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aberrant psychology, abstraction, alan moore, animation, anything new, apoptygma berzerk, art, bats, being a cunt, being morbid, big boots, big fuck off boots, big stompy boots, bill and ted, books, buttsex, cartoons, cats, chaos magic, characterisation, chocolate, clubbing, comics, commies, computers that work, conspiracy theory, courtney crumrin, dark fantasy, dave mckean, doctor who, drinking tea, early punk, ebm, esoterica, extreme body modification, fantasy art, fetish art, film, film noir, folklore, forteana, general weirdness, get_off_me you_bummer, gigs, girls, gonzo journalism, goth, gothic, grant morrison, graphic novels, heavy metal, heresy, high weirdness, history, homicidal feelings, homoerotica, horror, houmous, hunter s thompson, iain banks, industrial, intelligent conversation, legends, literature, london below, meditation, mickey eye, monkeys, moon and serpent, movies, music, myths, narrative dreams, neil gaiman, nine inch nails, old style fairy tales, our glorious revolution, paeleontology, pagan, paganism, parapsychology, pendle witches brew, piercings, plot development, politics, pop culture, psychogeography, psycology, pterodactyl spotting, punk as an attitude, queen & country, rock, rokk, samurai jack, sandman, saving the world, schmoof, self-abuse, self-publishing, sequential art, serial killers, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, slimelight, small antelope, small press, spaced, speculative fiction, stephen fry!, stories, storytelling, tattoos, technology, ted naifeh, the british comics industry, the cure, the ghost road, the nightmare before christmas, the v, the weird, tim burton, twin peaks, ufos, vampires, vertigo, violent revenge fantasies, vnv nation, weird fiction, werebees, werewolves, wicca, wine, woodland, world domination, writhe and shine, writing, zenith, zombies
A nice, quiet, sweet boy who has walked on the weird side just a little too long to come all the way back.